President and Owner, Mr. William Schleifman -

"Encore Solutions has provided me with a venue to freely implement my experience and knowledge of professional recruiting, primarily within the technology and financial industries. Prior to starting Encore Solutions I was a senior recruiter with one of the nation's largest staffing firms. In my eighteen years of service to the organization I was recognized as a leader in the industry and received numerous awards and national recognition for my many accomplishments. However, it was during this time that I developed a strong understanding of the recruiting process and realized my recruiting efforts could be of even greater benefit to my clients if offered in a more concise application.

I have dedicated my entire career to servicing clients within my vertical niche and it is with Encore Solutions that I can most completely and effectively make a difference. My organization, comprised of a specialized team of staffing consultants, has been largely successful in providing talent in the following categories: sales, business development, sales management, general management, and pre and post-sales engineering.

One way Encore Solutions outperforms our competition is by embracing a common business philosophy to always take the path of least resistance. Our clients appreciate our business practices and recognize us as a knowledgeable and reliable resource. At Encore Solutions we DO NOT rely on such tactics as internet recruiting or job posting. We attribute our client satisfaction to our ability to directly network and extract referrals from the most talented individuals. We have become a staffing leader by always being on the front end of change and our sustained success has been a direct result of our dedication to our brand.

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