At Encore Solutions we provide our clients with the very best available talent in the marketplace. Therefore, our candidates receive the very best guidance and exposure from our consultants.

A large part of our focus is assisting professionals in discovering the most rewarding and challenging job opportunities. As a firm that is well connected with several of today's prosperous companies, we are able to lead our candidates to employment opportunities that are rarely advertised. Usually the best and most lucrative positions within an organization are not made available to the open market. By developing relationships with our well-respected staff, our candidates are able to stay apprised of the best available opportunities in their industries.

This section of our website is designed specifically for our candidates. We strive to cultivate long-range successful relationships with our candidates, just as we do with our clients. The information included in this portion of the website is intended to offer our candidates insight on interviewing and resignation. Review of any portion of this information with your Encore Solutions consultant is always encouraged, as one can never be too prepared for interview situations.

The following pages offer specific information for our candidates:

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