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At Encore Solutions we offer our clients a variety of possible search options. The client relationship and the type of search usually determine the level of engagement.

Our three primary search options are preferred, retained, and contingency. These different levels of search, although each designed to produce a similar outcome, allow our clients to choose the platform that mirrors their specific needs. Most of our clientele decide the preferred search best fits their needs because it offers a very high level of service while the majority of payment is due upon fulfillment of the position. However, very high-end and important replacement searches often benefit from a retained agreement where the client receives competitive information and insight rendered through the recruiting process as well as the right individual for the position. In cases where the client has a moderate need a contingency search can be effective, but does not promise to produce to most timely results.

The following descriptions provide information regarding the three search options:

Preferred Search
The preferred search option is favored by most of our clients. A preferred search offers a very dedicated level of service while the majority of our fee is earned once the search has been fulfilled. Our clients realize the up-front cost associated with the preferred search is a fraction of the cost and risk associated with making the wrong hire or leaving the position unfilled. Companies agree that revenue focused positions, in particular, create a series of financial pitfalls when they are left vacant for more than a two-week period. This is why a preferred search is a perfect option for revenue producing positions.

A preferred search requires an engagement fee at the origin of the search. This helps to defray the cost of additional time and resources needed to launch a specific effort. These additional resources enable us to cover a great deal of ground in a much shorter period of time, resulting in more timely delivery of the end product. When conducting a preferred search we embark upon a highly proactive campaign to reveal new referrals and information from our network of knowledgeable sources. Because the preferred search initiation fee enables us to tap into all our resources immediately, preferred searches typically produce very quick results and yield very high-quality candidates.

Retained Search
This arrangement offers the highest level of search and recruitment services in a format where the client is paying for the process as well as the individual. This format is suggested for very important positions and situations where failing to hire the best individual could be potentially devastating to the organization. This approach represents the ultimate partnership, as we invest 100% of our time and effort to achieve the desired result.

Since the emphasis of a retained search is about process, this search method affords the client the comfort of knowing the targeted talent pool has been thoroughly analyzed through the efforts of the search team. The client receives a weekly written report detailing the teamís activity and is able to carefully review the report with the primary consultant for strategy purposes.

In this arrangement the client is required to pay one-third of the fee to begin the process. The client then pays the next third upon receipt of a list of qualified and rigorously screened candidates. The final installment is due thirty (30) days after the presented candidates have been interviewed and decisions have been made about hiring and/or continuing the process.

Contingency Search
This search agreement requires no up-front financial investment on the part of the client. However, in turn, it creates a more moderate level of dedication from our firm. Although the contingency search offers a lower level of service in comparison to the preferred search, it can be a productive business arrangement when the client projects only a moderate level of urgency to fulfill the vacant position.

While the contingency plan includes some proactive recruiting, consultants must, and will, limit their time and resources because they are at risk of not earning any portion of the associated fee. Also, since we assume all associated risks in undertaking a contingency search, the designated consultants must maximize their probability of recovering compensation by presenting qualified candidates to various clients with needs.

Although there are risks associated with this type of search, the method does prove effective in many cases. Many of our clients acknowledge and understand the risks involved in a contingency search and agree to form an exclusive relationship with us, working solely with our firm and refraining from forming other relationships with third party recruiters.

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